How to determine credibility of a SEO firm India?

By Syscomcraft on in SEO Services India

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What should be the determinants for rating reliability of a SEO firm India? What are the factors that you’ll look into when determining capabilities of a digital marketing agency?

Today it is difficult to think of running a site without involving an experienced SEO in marketing. You simply can’t rank your site high on SERPs without doing SEO and for optimizing site, you need a professional that not only understands optimization but that is also willing to work an extra hour to give desired results.

So, what filters you’ll use to remove the unreliable SEO sites from SERPs and locate the best SEO to optimize your website

Search Ranking

It seems logical to rely on SEO companies that are ranking high on SERPs. A digital marketing agency that can rank its site high can also do good job for your site. But search results should be carefully studied as you can do your search for an online marketing agency using different queries. For instance, SEO companies ranking high on one query might not ranking high on other queries. Since you’re looking for SEO services packages India, all the queries must be directed towards India and not the other regions.


Google is continuously upgrading its algorithm to accommodate reliable sites on its SERPs. It wants to give the best results for all the queries and for this reason it has made many changes in its algorithm. If you don’t have comprehensive knowledge on Google and its algorithm then you can’t optimize sites. Similarly, your SEO partner must have good knowledge of the Google algorithm. It’s better, if you go with an experienced SEO but it doesn’t mean that you should remove all the newly formed SEO firms from your list.


Search engine optimization is a technical job and there are many ways to optimize sites. You can see variation in the services and charges of different companies. You’ll certainly want to work with a SEO firm India that provides comprehensive services at the most affordable price. But price constraints must not discourage you from taking reliable services.

There are some more factors to consider


You’ll be amazed to find freelance SEO professionals on the top ten positions of SEO queries. Advantage of freelancers is that they provide services at discounted price. A freelancer could be a great choice for a small project but you can trust the freelancer to work on your site, if he works well in the project assigned. You can find freelancers on platforms like UpWork and Elance.


A company is a group of professionals and working with a group is always beneficial in comparison to freelancers. It is true that a company will charge high for its SEO services packages India but it is more trustworthy than some freelancers that work in part time. If you are assigning the job to a freelancer then make sure that he works full time and that he doesn’t outsource the job to another freelancer. Keep this in mind, when looking for a SEO company.